AutoCount Accounting is a powerful tool to manage your business data, to analyze your business performance, to share your business information and to help you make informed business decisions. With its advanced technology such as Microsoft .Net Framework, SQL Server and internet ready, AutoCount Accounting stands out as one of the best accounting software for today business requirements. Characterized by its easy-to-learn and integrated features, AutoCount Accounting helps to streamline your business operation. It provides strong and stable database for every type of business and able to perform all types of account transactions, no matter how complicated it is.

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AutoCount Accounting 2.0

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AutoCount Express 1.9

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AutoCount POS 5.0

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AutoCount FnB 5.0

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AutoCount Cloud Payroll

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Feature Summary

Easy to learn and use

  • Fully Keyboard Operable
  • No double Entry
  • Easy-to-learn document entry
  • Customizable AutoCount Desktop-Like Main Screen
  • Well Organized Functionality 

Speed, Reliability and Scalability

  • Scalable Network User
  • Work Data Recover
  • Backup & Restore
  • Work over wireless network
  • Work over Internet
  • Reliable Database

Easy Access to Information

  • Advanced Search Function
  • Finding stock item at ease
  • Drill Down to Source Document
  • Complete Report Function
  • Instant Info
  • Stock Item Inquiry
  • Account Inquiry

Save Time, Work Efficiently

  • Real time Posting
  • Save Data Faster

Better Security and Authority

  • Audit Trail
  • Multi-level Access Right Control

Better Business Control

  • Advanced Credit Control
  • Bank Book Manager and Overdue Invoice

Better Business Solution

  • Multi-Currency
  • Project / Departmental Accounting
  • Default Chart of Account
  • Handle Full and Partial Payment
  • Handle Returned Cheque
  • Document Transfer
  • AR / AP Contra

Sharing Across Application

  • Email Report
  • Export Report
  • Export Grid Content
  • Import from Microsoft Excel

Used By


We grow along with our clients, usually from small business up to a conglomerate. AutoCount allows businesses to expand and would grow along with the financial requirements of the business.


Handle import, export transactions and maintain inventory records for forecasting sale and purchase needs. Inventory Reporting when you need it.


Production of finished goods for use or sale using labor and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation


Expense tracking and reporting with invoicing facilities to ease billing processes.


Financial planning and control of material cost for the different projects the may be in different locations.


Covers daily financial processes to provide credit control, sales and purchase information

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