AutoCount Accounting Express 1.8
No Double Entry
AutoCount Express has 13 well designed source document entries for different types of transaction. Now, you can start entering data without any accounting debit and credit knowledge.
No Re-index Required
Supported by powerful Microsoft SQL Server, you will never have to re-index on your database when there is power failure or improper program shut down.
No Year End Closing
In AutoCount Express, it is optional for users to do year-end closing after certain accounting period to continue transaction for the next period. Instead, you can keep multi-years of data in a single account book.
GST Ready
AutoCount Express is fully GST compliant. Hence, it prepares your business for Goods and Services Tax which will be implemented in Malaysia anytime soon.
Real Time Posting
AutoCount Express integrates accounting, stock and invoicing into a single system. Once transaction is saved, it will post to GL accounts and update reports instantly. For example, when you saved your sales invoice, it will update your account and stock reports instantly.
Saves Time and Improve Work Efficiency
AutoCount Express, each modules is integrated and operated seamlessly under one system. It has been optimized to use fewest steps to create and edit transactions. Hence, it minimizes your workload and reduces human error. 
Search Data Instantly
AutoCount Express has strong search capability to help you find past transactions easily. With its built-in powerful search engine, you can search any transactions or documents from different angles and different criteria.
Drill Down From Reports
AutoCount Express drill-down feature allows you to drill down to source documents fromreports and chart of accounts. It makes finding and editing data easily 


Modules Highlight
- General Ledger  - Inquiry - Purchase
- Account Receivable  - Account Payable  - Financial Reports 
- Stock Control  - Sales  - Project Accounting 


Features Highlight
- Integrated real-time Accounting and Stock Control system - MS SQL client-server database architecture
- Running on Microsoft .Net platform - Multi-Level user Access Right Control
- Unlimited Accounting Period  - Copy and Paste of document and record
- Disconnected data access technology  - Export to MS Excel, PDF, HTML, Text, XML and etc
- Integrated Account and Stock Inquiry 


System Requirements
For Server or Main PC For Standalone or Sub PC
Operating System (Windows)  Windows 7 above or Windows Server 2008 above Windows XP and Windows 7 above
Processor Intel Core I3 and above  Intel Core Duo and above
RAM Minimum 4GB above Minumum 1GB above
Hard Disk Space Minimum 50GB Minimum 20GB


Click HERE for download AutoCount Accounting Basic vs AutoCount Express PDF